Rank Promotion

Ranks are not for sale! Ranks must be earned! Ranks are for those that have met our high testing standards.

Only Approved Applicants can purchase AMAWW Ranks

Promotions are based on several factors, most importantly the individual. Due to the fact that all candidates have different circumstances, we work with each individual candidate to make the appropriate promotional requirements. All Individuals looking for rank promotion must fill out the rank application below and send us photo proof of your last rank and time spent at that rank. Shipping and handling is included in this price. AMAWW lifetime membership comes with the purchase of a rank.

Full Name:

Mailing Address:



Postal Code:




Date of Birth:




Martial Art Style(s):

Martial Art Experience:

Martial Art Rank(s):

Date of Present Rank:

Name of School/Organization:

School Mailing Address:

School City:

School State/Province:

School Postal Code:

Name of Instructor:

Rank of Instructor:

Name of Sponsor:

Rank your applying for:

In what style are you applying for:

You can send a copy of your certificate and photo's to masterfrench@amaww.com or mail the copies to:

P.O. Box 24
Massena, NY 13662

Please do not send original document to this address, only copies. Thank you.

The Ranks below are listed as Degree Ranks but are the same as Duan, Dan, Level, etc.

For Lifetime Membership



Approved Rank of Sokeship for Lifetime Membership and Replacement Certificates



All approved applicants are AMAWW lifetime members after the purchase of a rank advancement. All AMAWW members are listed on the “Members/AMAWW Members” link on the home page. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for the delivery, shipping is included in the price.